Our Consulting Portfolio benefits from 30 years of field experience, during which time the scale of evolution of Information Technology and related systems, have demanded a growing ability to continuously adapt product strategies, engineering practices, delivery methods and day-to-day operations, all to allow the exploitation of new market niches, changes in ways-of-working and delivery of more secure solutions while reducing tech and operational waste… in two words: growth and sustainability!

The nature of work and support provided through our consulting services is tailored for very small (start-ups), small (scale-ups) and medium-size organisations (200-500 people).

After the assessment of your needs, a Statement of Work is prepared to better define the requirements with the scope of work and deliverables more relevant to your organisation: we start from being focused and  “lean”!

The engagement can include support to any combination of areas of intervention listed here below and it can run as an implementation-only effort or implementation + management; in the latter case, the proposal will become a managed service, so the execution benefits from “agility”!

1. Transformation

Business Processes

  • Design and implementation of Lean-Agile methodologies
  • Hybrid modelling for highly-regulated industries (Agile-Waterfall)

Digital / Information Systems

  • Rationalising use of tech & tools < read this blog >
  • Enhancing systems and data security
  • Systems’ integration

Organisational / Cultural

  • “Systems Thinking”
  • Constraints & limits < read this blog >
  • (Unambiguous) Prioritisation of work < read this blog >
  • Empowerment & ownership

2. Development / Delivery

Tech Products

  • Idea formulation and validation (Product Development)
  • Feature request articulation (Product Development)
  • Structuring Back-End work (Engineering)
  • Structuring Front-End work (Engineering)
  • Implementing “Privacy by Design” development practices

Tech Services

  • Structuring Professional Services for consulting and implementation work
  • Structuring Customer Success/Support offering

3. Operations


  • Design and implementation of distributed models
  • Third-Party assessment model for business & tech partnerships


  • Iterative Risk Management < read this blog >
  • Redundancy of systems

Compliance Enablement

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