Andrew Celi
Andrew Celi
Welcome to Management Consulting Services (MCS).
I setup MCS in early 2022, following a decade working in InfoSec, ECM, Talent Acquisition and Fintech verticals with roadmaps driven by accelerated growth.
While operating in senior and leadership roles, scaling delivery and executing transformation, I’ve made empathy, curiosity and Systems Thinking my tools.

In my earlier 20 years of career, started as a software engineer, I dedicated myself to serving Customers and help them exploit the technological advances witnessed across and beyond the new millennium.

I’ve been on a continuous evolutionary journey over technology and ways-of-working, developing a long-term servant leadership experience across different verticals of Information Technology and Security, all of which have contributed to shaping my unique professional profile: a strategic thinker continuously exploiting innovation but, at the same time, a tactical, detail-oriented and hands-on contributor for ensuring successful delivery of outcomes.

Being an advocate of Lean & Agile practices, these are also applied to the way MCS operates: I partner with start-ups, scale-ups and medium-size organisations to develop their organisational and business capabilities in times of recession, stagnation or economic growth; if required by the scope of work, I also setup a team of relevant subject matter experts to scale our value proposition.

MCS Value System

Here are examples of system changes that I’ve engineered and delivered:

2021/22: Lean-Agile Compliance Implementation

From a “zero-structure” scenario to full attestation of operational compliance with highly recognised standards (e.g. SOC 2 and ISO-27001) and allow smaller companies to engage with larger customers; read about the Alvin case-study in the Mission page.

2021: Product Development Methodology

To enable context-switching of Scrum or Kanban delivery methods based on work streams and nature of development work (e.g. Front-End Vs Back-End).

2020: Iterative Risk Management Framework

Sprint-based(1-month cycles) reviews and updates of operational risks and constraints; this was engineered to improve operational resilience in presence of impactful events such as Covid-19.

2019: Graduates Enablement Framework

For up-skilling software engineering graduates on technologies relevant to the longer-term product strategy; this included coaching on Agile ways-of-working, time management and work prioritisation, all in the context of a distributed engineering environment.

2019: Product Delivery Methodology

Based on the Spotify (Agile-At-Scale) approach combining Scrum Product Design & Development with Kanban Release Planning to better exploit software engineering capacity and improve alignment of product releases with Marketing and Sales efforts.

2014: Professional Services Delivery

Designed with Scrum iterations nested into the Service Transition phase of an ITIL-based model; this methodology, coupled with my responsibility for Portfolio Management and resourcing, contributed to a 300% increase in revenue in EMEA in just 3 years (InfoSec tech vendor), reaching an annual figure of $30M at the end of 2014.

I trust that five minutes of your time reading through the Mission and Portfolio pages will trigger your interest if the topics are relevant to your Organisation; request an informal chat by messaging through LinkedIn or via email to…