I developed this |blog| site to share considerations, challenges and ambitions when leading and supporting Transformation in organisations aiming to benefit from tech innovation, empowering internal initiative and by embracing an innovation-driven culture.

I’m counting on writing periodically about topics relevant to Agile Operations & Technology, Transformation Strategy, Coaching, Communications and Tools with an end-to-end view in supporting Change.

I included a snippet of Consulting Services in case you may find of interest for your Organisation having extensive experience in supporting Tech Programme/Portfolio Delivery and external subject matter expertise to help develop a strategy for Change or join an in-flight transformational journey and work towards minimising turbulent times.

I hope you’ll enjoy the reading which will also benefit from the inclusion of a RSS feed in the right sidebar available in most of the pages and with Tech & Digital articles from Techworld; I will in time evaluate other sources considered relevant to this site.

Andrew Celi