The idea behind this (blog) site is to share experiences and considerations when facing a fast evolving business landscape and where tech-driven solutions can play a critical role.

Although not complying to a regular posting cadence, I do plan to cover different topics with some of these more related to tactical aspects, while others may well be more about strategic considerations.

Beyond my blog-posts, I’m here to share a set of consulting services I can provide organisations across distributed development and delivery of technology solutions, coaching on agile/lean ways of working and lean modelling of enterprise risk management*.


*Agile & Lean Risk Management Model

It’s the means for building a highly reactive operational model and synchronise flow of information, activities and controls across different functional areas of the business while leveraging on an iterative approach to the key components of any risk management framework.

The outcome is improved business resiliency and operational transparency, more insightful reporting and elimination of wasteful overlaps or slow-moving resolutions.

I recommend reading the following page to learn more about how I can help you and your organisation build efficiency, scalability and resiliency.