Prioritise the Backlog with less ambiguity!
After my last blog around the case for IS-related compliance (e.g. SOC 2) becoming feasible also for very small organisations...
Are you too small for SOC 2!?
Andrew Celi
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It’s been a while since my last blog-post here, but no doubt the last two and something years have been...
A Global Crisis, Constraints And (Smart) Goals
ASSUMPTION: we're experiencing a global crisis with impacts as never seen before in modern times. FACT: our familiarity in dealing...
Agile Risk Management?
Andrew Celi
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When we consider the sheer scale of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic across all continents and industries, very few...
Communication along with interaction
Andrew Celi
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Back in September 2011 I took a flight to Prague for an Agile conference after responding to a call for...
Lean Tooling & Communication Management
Lean practices aim for productive and smarter ways of working (although not always the two go along together), so it's...
The DevOps life-cycle, as it happens
Andrew Celi
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If we leave aside considerations on the impact of automation across the DevOps life-cycle as we know it, here is...
CHANGE perceived as risk to be avoided
I assume that many of you will agree on the title of this post, since years of field experience have...