Innovate… by being Innovative
Andrew Celi
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“... companies can get ahead of themselves when they jump into investments based on things other than strategic goals.” This...
Prioritise the Backlog with less ambiguity!
After my last blog around the case for IS-related compliance (e.g. SOC 2) becoming feasible also for very small organisations...
Are you too small for SOC 2!?
Andrew Celi
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It’s been a while since my last blog-post here, but no doubt the last two and something years have been...
A Global Crisis, Constraints And (Smart) Goals
ASSUMPTION: we're experiencing a global crisis with impacts as never seen before in modern times. FACT: our familiarity in dealing...
Agile Risk Management?
Andrew Celi
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When we consider the sheer scale of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic across all continents and industries, very few...
Communication along with interaction
Andrew Celi
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Back in September 2011 I took a flight to Prague for an Agile conference after responding to a call for...
Lean Tooling & Communication Management
Lean practices aim for productive and smarter ways of working (although not always the two go along together), so it's...
The DevOps life-cycle, as it happens
Andrew Celi
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If we leave aside considerations on the impact of automation across the DevOps life-cycle as we know it, here is...
CHANGE perceived as risk to be avoided
I assume that many of you will agree on the title of this post, since years of field experience have...